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Visited Newgrounds quite often as a kid. And now I've returned with a new skillset.
*** Music Production ***
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Posted by DeadDropMedia - 1 month ago

Dead Drop Media


Hello. Haven't quite posted an introductory post on the forums but I figured I'd just toss it here. I frequented Newgrounds alot as a kid and became a big fan of the Madness Series, Foamy The Squirrel, and many other things. But never have I tried to produce content. Fast forward some odd 12, 13 years and here I am. I started learning music production while left unemployed due to COVID-19 back in March 2020. The stimulus checks and beefed up unemployment benefits gave me both the time and money to pursue a personal dream.

I invested money in buying FL Studio, books and courses on production so that I could hopefully one day become a producer as a full-time career. How am I making out with that? Well...

The beginning

I toiled away with different VSTs, trying to create decent chord progressions, bass-lines, and more. I released a few tracks on Spotify and all other major streaming services with the hopes of attaining a minor income to help fuel my ambition. I was less than succesfull really, without a good marketing strategy. Not to mention the tracks I had released were not very good, especially compared to a professional standard. The other problem was the artist name. I first released music under the name "Cryonic." -- And of course anyone that would search for me on YouTube had a huge amount of trouble finding me, simply because of how generic the name was. You'd get Cryonics Lab videos , not to mention material from all the other people named Cryonic. (Which incidentally, was alot ) The name Cryonic was inspired by the Wim Hof Method. The practice I was doing at the time, swimming through freezing cold water-- doing breathwork. It seemed fitting for a future ice-based career. Little did I know that it wasn't a smart move, it was totally impractical.

I eventually settled on the name I have now, based off of the latest rise in conspiracy theories. I mean shit, CONSPIRACY THEORIES that lead to the DC Capital Protest/Riot (Depending on which side of the fence you are on)

It became perfectly clear at some point that people love to be involved in thick-plots written like bad action movies. They love the government corruption and the idea that they have a link into it -- know how to expose it. And I suppose I designed myself around that-- with the intention of eventually adding subliminal messages, codes and riddles into my music to make it more of a brain-buster. Not with the intention of saying anything useful, of course. All pure theatrics made for entertainment. So here I am now, still trying to learn to produce any genre that I can while adding original work so that I can one day create something truly unique and interesting, and hopefully, establish a career.

Thank you for reading my little story. I hope to see and hear all of your respective content on my time on Newgrounds, because I always desire to learn more-- and to build better relationships with the creative world.